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How to Choose
A Wedding Planner

Take this first step with confidence and learn how to choose the professional who will walk with you on this path.



The eBook contains the elements that you should look, about the experience of your candidates.


It seems obvious but it is not, there are aspects of the personality of your prospects that you will learn to detect.

And... How much?

The most important thing is your peace of mind. Short debts make long friends.

Do your research

Look for the perfect WP for your wedding in Yucatan. Search by internet: "Wedding Planner en Mérida" or "Wedding Planner en Yucatán" and look at his works, references and reviews of past couples.


The opinion of what past couples think of their work will help you to know more clearly what you might expect from the work of your next Wedding Planner.

Are tips and advices of past brides that got married in Mérida.

Don't make the same mistakes of brides that have been at the same situation as you. The Guide to choose a Wedding Planner in Yucatan also includes Real Wedding samples where you can get inspo de donde podrás inspirarte para que la tuya sea como la imaginas.

We want to give this first step with confidence so at the end of the wedding you can give advices like this to help future brides that want to get marry in Yucatán.

It's not only an eBook

Take a glimpse at the eBook

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